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4 Dizzying VR Games_Fight Motion sickness By Nausea Relief

4 Dizzying VR Games...

4 Dizzying VR Games, and How To Beat Them.

If you’re into virtual reality gaming, it’s likely that you’ll have encountered one or two of the many dizzying VR games out there. Today we take a look at 4 dizzying VR games, sharing tips on how to beat the disturbing feelings of imbalance they can cause. 4 Dizzying VR Games..._Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief 1. DriveClub VR – You might imagine that driving in VR would be a smoother experience than actually being out on the road, but this baby is widely regarded as one of the most motion-sickness-inducing games on the market – with effects so severe that some industry professionals actually couldn’t review it. So help nix nausea by switching on a fan, or opening a nearby window, to keep your body cool as you play. Because it could make all the difference. 2. ADR1FT – You’re heading to space to train as an astronaut. Sounds great, right? Unless the VR process of turning space-savvy in series of anti-gravity scenes also turns your stomach. One reviewer reported that ‘it takes about 15 minutes before ADR1FT makes me feel as though I’m going to lose every lunch I ever had. Oof.’ Help nix nausea by carefully choosing – and roadtesting – your hardware. Because VR experts report that headsets providing more degrees of freedom (DoF) can be lifesavers in terms of reducing the chances of motion sickness. Check these solutions 3. Here They Lie – Gamers have reported that playing this twisty, turny horror – with its creepy bending hallways and sudden camera movements – is a sure-fire way to see in motion sickness. So help nix nausea by taking regular breaks from your gameplay. Remove that headset, sit down, and breathe your way back to normality. 4. EVE: Valkyrie – Piloting a fighter jet means plenty of spinning, 3D navigation, and, for some, a bunch of headaches. Further top recommendations for tackling VR motion sickness: - Never play VR on an empty stomach. VR gaming is an active process, so fuel yourself up beforehand with a balanced, nutritious meal - Stay hydrated before and during gameplay, while also avoiding alcohol. Booze can make motion sickness symptoms feel much worse - Control your breathing. By staying relaxed and breathing deep, you may avoid motion-sickness-inducing tension - Try acupressure bands that pinpoint the wrist. Many motion sickness sufferers report that this eases their symptoms of nausea
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