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Our Story

Our Story - Fight motion sickness and nausea relief


Our Story - Fight motion sickness and nausea relief


Our Story - Fight motion sickness and nausea relief


Once upon a time...

There was a band of like-minded people, who got together hoping to improve other people’s lives.

This band was a mixed bunch of folks. Some were considered courageous and spent their days hopping between continents and challenges.

Some were considered timid, and passed most of their time at their desks, penning notes and articles; taking refuge in their coffee cups.

Encourage adventure for everyone
They were introverts and extroverts; world travelers and homebodies; contacts, co-workers, friends. But, as varied as these people were, they all shared one ambition: to encourage adventure for everyone, in whatever form that might take.

United, this band was fueled by these core beliefs:

  • That adventure begins within us
  • That adventure comes in all shapes and sizes
  • That adventure can take place anywhere and everywhere
  • That adventure is what powers us as humans
  • And that adventure gets less daunting the more we practice

Together they started a website – nausearelief.com – building it up as an online go-to community for the anxious and adventurous, helping readers find the power they already had inside them.

To choose adventure over anxiety.


The challenge of adventure
This website was designed to be more than a bank of blog posts. It was created as a safe space for all types of readers across the world; a place where the inspiration had room to grow; where everyone could have their say, and expand each resource exactly how they wanted it.

It was a place to acknowledge the challenge of adventure – the stress, the motion sickness, the uncertainty – and discover how facing it head-on can lessen the fear.

And it was a place to share vulnerability and hope. Because we all have our stories. We all have our pasts.We all have sensitive spots in our armor.

And we all have the power to change our present, and future.


And right now...

This community doesn’t just live online. We help people to find their power in-person, and within themselves. Together, our band has created ideas to cheerlead the community.

Suggestions to spark that first connection with courage.

Today this band invites you to access adventure at any time. We’re encouraging your next steps into the unknown. We’re funding Tryathlons – three paid-for adventures in just one day.

We want you to involve yourself in the nausearelief.com story, and become the author of where it’s going next.

Jump in, join us...

Because the larger our ideas become, the larger our band can grow too. Every day we’re attracting folks who are adventure-minded like us. Random folks. Positive folks. Blogger folks. Ginger-haired skateboarding folks. Folks who like to play – and follow their dreams.

We’re surrounding ourselves with the kind of folks we’d be happy to clip on to at the cliff face; folks with strength, ambition, and creativity; folks who feel the fear and aren’t ashamed to let it hang out.

  • These folks are human.
  • They are real.
  • They are telling it like it is.

They don’t pose questions like ‘How could you fail?!’ but ‘How could you use your failures to find success?’

They know there is no such thing as a perfect day. They know that adventures can often be messy and hard. But they also know that, with the right support, we can all get through to the other side – and grow.

For these folks, and for all of us at nausearelief.com, the journey is underway. Jump in, join us, and steer your course into an adventure.

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