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8 Outrageous Things on Water-skis

8 Outrageous Things on Water-Skis. Who are these people? Why are they? Why? It takes dedication to pick up skills w...

5 Unbalanced Animals

5 Unbalanced Animals Losing Their Balance in Ways That’ll Make You Wince At The Same Time As Saying ‘Awww.’ Let’s not...

Therapy Pets We All Need

5 Therapy Pets You Would Have In Your Life If It Was Socially Acceptable To Steal Them From Their Owners. Remember th...

All I Got Was This Lousy

All I Got Was This Lousy... I spent 2 weeks traveling in a small vehicle with my family, and all I got was this lousy...

Are We Nearly There?

10 Highly Creative Responses To The Question ‘Are We Nearly There Yet?’ It made your shoulders tense to hear it the f...
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