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Are we nearly there_ Fight Motion Sickness By NAusea Relief

Are We Nearly There?

10 Highly Creative Responses To The Question ‘Are We Nearly There Yet?’

It made your shoulders tense to hear it the first time. 'Are We Nearly There Yet?' 5 times later. That little twitch in your eyelid has started to pulse. Keep a hold of that steering wheel, friend. And keep a hold of that urge to shout ‘QUIT IT.’ You can do better.Are We Nearly There Yet_Fight Motion Sickness By NAusea Relief

'Are We Nearly There Yet?'

The Philosophical Response: ‘And what exactly do you mean by ‘there’, sweet child? Is it not that one can only ever be ‘here’?’ The Gamifying Response: ‘I’m afraid we can’t turn up until you’ve finished counting down from one-million-and-sixty-two. Ready? Set? Go.’ The Deliberating Response: ‘Oh, didn’t you know? We got there ages back. Now we’re just looking for somewhere to park.’ The Therapeutic Response: ‘Why don’t you tell me how you’d feel if I said ‘Not quite’?’ The Baffling Response: ‘Hold up – I thought you were driving! What the heck is going on here?’ The Briber’s Response: ‘If you manage never to say that phrase again I’ll give you a magic button I found in my pocket. No? Fine. I’ll raise you this half-eaten sandwich.’ The Competitively Bored Response: ‘Urgh. Who knows? YAWN. Man, this is ’ The Impending Doom Response: ‘I really hope so, because as soon as we arrive they’re gonna begin the whole organ removal process. I hear they’re going to start with your tongue. Isn’t that exciting?’ The Distracting Response: ‘Well, in all honesty, I’d say – OH MY GOSH A DINOSAUR EATING A PINEAPPLE!’ The Last Straw Response: ‘Yep. Sure are. So get out.’ If you liked the above, check out how Shrek answers this question here! To avoid the question all-together why not start playing a game?
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