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Dear Sea Band Family,

Thank you SO much for creating such a fantastic product. As a former high-risk maternity nurse, and current acupuncture student pregnant with my first, I started 24 hour “morning” sickness at 6 weeks. While studying for finals, I was holding the acupuncture/pressure point known to curb nausea- when I remembered- Sea Bands! I bought them, put them on and within 7 minutes, 95% of my nausea was gone! I’ve been using them nearly 5 weeks, and they have changed my ability to eat or drink, even get out of bed!

I highly recommend them personally, and professionally for all women who experience nausea during pregnancy. I’m planning on taking them to deliver as well, as many women have nausea during labor. The problem with morning sickness and hyperemesis with pregnancy is that you can quickly become dehydrated if you’re not able to drink fluids. This can lead to other problems, like kidney and bladder infections, and pre-term labor.

I’m sure these help with all kinds of medical nausea- post-operative, chemo, etc. The health of an unborn baby is great affected by maternal nutrition. I believe all obstetricians, mid-wives, and oncologists should stock them in their offices!

Thank you for making a life changing product- I’ve started wildly recommending them- and will always!

Sheri H., RN, BSN,
Former high-risk maternity nurse, now studying acupuncture, and soon to be mother.

“My Sea-Band story took place on an Alaska State Ferry from Kodiak to Homer, Alaska. I purchased Sea-Bands and took them with me on this trip as a preventative. I had NEVER experienced motion sickness, but was concerned about the ocean-going ferry trip and the ocean.

Once we were under way, I began to experience the initial symptoms of motion sickness, which I didn’t recognize. My more experienced friend who was traveling with us, noticed and suggested that I use a commonly used drug for relief. I said, no, that I had these Sea-Bands that were recommended by another friend. So I pulled them out, read the directions, put them on and immediately, I felt better.

Later, as I prepared for bed, I had forgotten all about the Motion sickness incident. I’ve never really had it before. So I removed my Sea-Bands, so I could wash my face, brush my teeth and get ready for bed. WHOA, what is that feeling? I put the Sea-Bands back on and whew, I again was better. Now I take them with me, where and when ever we travel.

I have given them to friends and acquaintences, but always replenish my personal supply!”

Laurie Hall,

“Airsickness made travel almost impossible for me, long haul was out of the question and even the shortest of journeys was an ordeal. A three-hour journey left me feeling ill for the rest of the day and I was on the point of giving up when a friend introduced me to Sea-Band.

I don’t understand how Sea-Band works, I’m just so grateful that I can now travel abroad and arrive feeling fresh and able to enjoy day one of my holiday.

Thank you Sea-Band.”

Mr. J. Lowe,

Thank you for the help Sea-Bands have been to my wife who suffers from travel nausea. My wife also has an illness and sudden voimiting problem and to our suprise, after accidentally leaving the bands on after a journey we found that Sea-Band also helped with the vomiting.

Peter Tooley,

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