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Car Sickness Testimonials



‘I can even crochet in the back seat of my car’ – and other true Sea-Band tales.

Conquering car sickness.

Are you one of those people who thinks of a long car journey and starts to turn green? All too familiar with the hot face, funny head, stomach cramping pukey whoosh that makes you need to yell STOP before it’s too late?

Then you’re in good company here, friend – because right now, in this teeny weeny corner of nausearelief.com, you’re surrounded by folks who’ve been through the same exact thing.

These folks can understand why:

– The idea of a road trip makes you want to hide in bed
– The hours-long Christmas commute fills you with dread
– You can’t even look at a road sign sometimes without groaning
– And you never, never, never can take a seat in the back of a vehicle.

At the same time, these people have something to tell you – something that could help you speed away from car sickness, and into a life where no journey is an obstacle. Try this trick, and you too could put pedal to metal and go, go, go – leaving pesky motion sickness to eat your exhaust fumes.

This solution couldn’t be easier – and it’s, quite literally, at hand: it’s Sea-Band, a natural, drug-free antidote to motion sickness. Simply buy your bands online or in-store, slip them over your wrists before your next journey, and see how your own nausea is kept at bay.

The bands perform their magic through a neat, nifty plastic button, which sits between the tendons of your inner wrist. It’s here that they connect with your P6 acupressure point: a site in your body that links with your chest and stomach to mute any nauseous feelings before they arise.

The result? A sickness-defying, anxiety-relieving effect that could help your body accelerate towards the next adventure. Ain’t nothing gonna hold you back.

For more inspiration to fuel your journey from sickness, we’ve pulled together a few top testimonials from genuine Sea-Band wearers. They’ve all seen the difference bands make to their lives: helping them ditch the drugs, cheer up their children, and get through some of the road’s trickiest conditions. Read on for their tips and encouragement…

Nausea Relief Success Stories

“Awesome car sickness prevention – My husband found nice and order them for me and I told him he wasted his money because they ain’t going to work. I suffer from bad migraines and when I travel I often get car sick on top of it. I already had my mind set on that something so simple was going to keep me from getting sick. But I was very happily surprised that I didn’t get car sick at all on our next trip that we took out of town. Sometimes the simple things are the best things.”


“Wow – I’m usually skeptical of things like this, but all I can really say is wow, these really did work and I’m surprised myself they did.

I usually get car sick as a passenger for very long drives when I look at my phone/read on the drive.
My husband and I just did a very long roadtrip in Iceland. I tested these out for this trip and happy to report back that they work 100%!!.”



“Wearing these Sea Bands is really helping my motion sickness. I can even crochet in the back seat of the car!! ?? #seaband #motionsickness”
Laura M


“Yes, I’m 24. Yes, I still get super car sick. These bad boys really work!! Only a 3 hour car ride but, hey! Guess who isn’t car sick!? ??”



“An absolute MUST HAVE for traveling. But I’ve noticed they come in handy especially here in Hong Kong and China where public drivers tend to gas on -gas off when driving. Makes for a very simulator ride type of experience for me. In other words: ?”


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