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Jon Burkhart's Family Adventure_ Fight Motion sickness By Nausea Relief

Jon Burkhart's Family Adventure

Jon Burkhart's Family Adventure Powered by Seaband - Get in - To Get Out!

The intrepid (yet admittedly travel-anxious) vlogger Jon Burkhart is on a super special mission in the US of A. He wants to get IN to the minds of his kids, get them OFF addictive social media, and to get the whole family OUT having adventures together.

Fully armed up with his Sea Bands (a.k.a. his Adventure Bands) to help stop nausea and motion sickness, Jon’s hitting the road with his wife and kids and seeing just how far his mission can take them. Today he’s filming from the shores of a lush green lake outside Knoxville, Tennessee, where his good friend (speaker, author, and podcaster Mark Schaeffer), is all set to test their adrenaline levels with a high-speed session of powerboating, tubing, and cliff-jumps.


Will Jon be able to peel them away from social media – as well as to stop nausea and motion sickness kicking in?

Will he find a way to restrain his fatherly anxieties? And will he keep his hat-hair in check?

And will his daughter find a way to hijack the boat and take them all on a 50 mile-per-hour joyride into Kentucky?

Because anything is possible.

Click on the video below to view how his first family adventure went down…

Jon Burkhart's Family Adventure:

Are you, like Jon Burkhart, on a mission to get your kids OFF social media and OUT into the natural world around them? Have your Adventure Bands armed you up for family fun and great encounters in the great outdoors? Then we at Sea-Band would love to hear your story!

Contact us now to share your intrepid pictures and videos with the Sea Bandit community. Add your thoughts and experiences to the comment form at the bottom of this page.

Check out more with Jon Burkhart here! Don't forget to check out our resident adventure Stephanie Zito doing her stuff with sea bands here and here.
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