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Name That Smell!_Fight Motion Sicknes By Nausea Relief (2)

Name That Smell!

Name That Smell!

Struggling for travel games? Has it got that bad? Then you need to try Name That Smell! When the observational games of I-Spy get old, how’s about engaging those quivering nostrils? Here are 5 unique odors to get you started…Name That Smell! Can you collect ’em all? Name That Smell_ Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief 1. French fries… in the Grand Canyon Turns out there’s a vegetable-oil-powered locomotive doing the rounds on the Grand Canyon Railway. Many call it the ‘French Fry Express’. We call it a reason to salivate! Check it out. 2. Rotten eggs… in Salt Lake City You can blame bacteria feasting on dead algae for this alluring aroma. A touch of treated sewage water might also have something to do with it. Ew! 3. Yeast in the air… in Milwaukee Breathe the breath of angels, as the gases of bread and beer production leak into the streets. (Slightly more appealing on the nose than Milwaukee’s other signature smell: decaying fish) Milwaukee smells. 4. Pine… in New York Apparently this should be New York’s official scent, according to a Staten Island legislator. If you were one of the many people who thought that taxi exhausts and hot dogs might come first, then join the queue. What does New York smell like to you?

5. Eau de Casino… in Vegas

We kid you not: there is actually someone out there who’s made a living developing fragrance for each Las Vegas casino – including Polynesian aromas for The Mirage, and (wait for it) Italian aromas for the Bellagio. Guess you’ll have to smell it to believe it. What do you think of these crazy smells?
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