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Crazy Billboard Advertising_Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief

Crazy Billboard Advertising

Crazy Billboard Advertising

What IS this crazy billboard advertising? - we still have no idea. You’re passing through the latest town, and beginning to slouch in your seat. It’s been a long drive up to this point; already, mid-morning, you’re starting to feel the grind of the asphalt set into your bones. It’s probably something to do with the time: pre-lunch, you’re sliding into a low-blood-sugar-state. Crazy Billboard Advertising_Fight Motion Sickness BY NAusea Relief Feels like your eyes are getting bleary. Hypnotized. Your stomach’s doing strange things too; it’s starting to sound like a bath plug. The next decent diner you come to, you’re buying a chocolate malt. That’ll do the job. You give the word to your passenger: Watch out for chocolate malts. Number one key priority. Turns out your passenger also wants a chocolate malt. Now it’s all you both can think of. Your passenger leans forward as you fix your gaze to the road. Praying, Chocolate malt. Chocolate malt. Come on, baby. A minute passes. Two. As you pass the sign for a nearby farm you think of the cows that must be grazing there. Your belly cries like a humpback whale. Then, out of nowhere, your passenger cries with sheer shock and awe at the sight of what’s approaching… – WHAT THE – …and, stupefied by confusion, you miss the area’s only diner entirely.

Crazy billboard advertisements:

Blazing citrus! There appears to be a gentleman here whose oranges are blazing. Is he a juggler? Where are his protective gloves? Think of his arm hair! We’re hoping this is an art installation and not the latest range of fruit items at CostCo: Crazy Billboard Advertising 4_ Fight Motionsickness By NauseaRelief Sometimes, when you’re in a spot of bother, you need a small group of well-dressed people onboard. Now you know where to find them. Say that number again? 0800-four-people-in-suits? Got it. Dialing now: Crazy Billboard Advertising 3_ Fight Motionsickness By NauseaRelief We’re guessing this dashing advert is for German underwear. What we’ll never understand is what happened to the person typing it up (and exactly why they have such a love-hate relationship with capital letters): Crazy Billboard Advertising 2_ Fight Motionsickness By NauseaRelief This surely has to be the funniest joke you’ll never get: Crazy Billboard Advertising 1_ Fight Motionsickness By NauseaRelief On second thoughts let’s stop in the next town over. Not this one. Drive, drive fast: Crazy Billboard Advertising 5_ Fight Motionsickness By NauseaRelief If you enjoyed this one then check this out.
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