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All I Got Was This Lousy_Fight Motion sickness By Nausea Relief

All I Got Was This Lousy

All I Got Was This Lousy...

I spent 2 weeks traveling in a small vehicle with my family, and all I got was this lousy... All I Got Was This Lousy_Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief - … tee shirt from a thrift store that we stopped at after one week, when we were all screamingly desperate for a bathroom break. It says ‘I AM THE GREATEST.’ And yes, I bought it myself. - … Life-affirming addiction to I-Spy. Who knew there were so many things that begin with the letter R? I love that letter so much. - … Country and Western song stuck in my head on endless repeat. I don’t know the words to it, I’ll never know the words to it, but we decided it was probably called ‘I Wandered With Your Cow’. Amazingly, horribly, really catchy tune. - … the ingrained smell of fried onions in all the car seats. We ate those burgers 4 days ago, and the scent is still as fresh as ever. I’m going to get hungry every time I drive to work forever. I can just sense it! - … collection of coupon-filled leaflets from every truck stop. I guess I’ll have to start a scrapbook at some point to display them all nicely. - … the pile of accumulated trash we couldn’t find trash cans for. That definitely won’t go in a scrapbook. Where's the recycling bin? - … the feeling of tired but glorious achievement. I thought we’d end up killing each other. I thought we’d wind up calling it a day. But every time things got fraught, ‘I Wandered With Your Cow’ would come back on. And what can I say? We were mooo-ved!! For more fun travel games you can play in the car click here and try 'Name That Smell!' What else have you collected on a long family road trip?
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