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Where are my Sea-bands_Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief

Where are my Sea-bands?

Where are my Sea-Bands? 5 Clever Places To Place Your Bands So They’re Always There When You Need ‘Em

Sometimes, Sea-Band acupressure bands can act a bit like car keys. They’re small, light and fit into all those horribly ‘safe’ places you’ve created in your house. You know the places we’re talking about– places so safe even Matlock would give up before tracking them down.Frankly, few things are more frustrating. Imagine it now. Where are my Sea-Bands? You’re packing for a trip and need your bands – naturally, they’re nowhere to be seen. Five months later: Who stuffed these in the back of the vegetable drawer?End the madness now, folks. No more ‘Which coat was I wearing last time?’ No more ‘Have I been burgled by an acupressure addict?’Put your bands where you can see em – and start smart with these 5 great ideas.5 clever places to place your bands so they’re always there when you need em

1. Hang your bands around your rearview mirror

Decorate your rearview mirror with bands, stacking them to the ceiling of your car. Not only will they look jazzy, but they’ll be in easy reach next time you have nauseous back-seat passengers. You could even spritz the bands with perfume to spice up your vehicle, à la air freshener. Try a ginger scent if possible to further nix the motion sickness naturally. And make sure you have a pair for EVERY vehicle so you are never left unable to find them!

2. Create a mini neck-warmer for your water bottle

It is a truth universally acknowledged that staying hydrated can help keep the sickness at bay. Up the ante on anti-nausea efforts by slipping your Sea-Band over the neck of a best-beloved water bottle. Then, when those tell-tale symptoms appear, you can not only grab your band but take in a glug of precious H₂O.

3. Stash the bands inside your passport

Take advantage of your bands’ compact nature, and slide them into the wallet or folder where you keep your passport ready – that way they’ll always be there to soothe your anxiety while on a flight, or even traversing the ocean. You know what they say: have bands, will travel.*

4. Pimp your key chain with them

This one only works if you can finally find (and stick to) a reliable spot for your keys – so make sure you sort that stumbling block out first. Once you’re done, get your bands hooked up to the key chain and you’ll never be without them when you’re on the move.

5. Leave them where they belong

Find yourself on the go constantly? Then you might just discover that the best place for your Sea-Bands is… on your wrists. Make sure the nubbin is firmly placed against your P6 acupressure point – and hey presto, your bands will always be at hand.

Have you found a unique spot for storing your Sea-Bands?

Share your stories with us, or post your pics to us at @nausearelief as we love to see what you get up to! (*And by ‘they’ we mean ‘we in this blog post’.)

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