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Strange Motion Sickness Cures

6 Strange Motion Sickness Cures You’ve Never Heard Of

Motion sickness affects the world in a multitude of ways, so it’s no surprise that there’s a multitude of strange cures out there to tackle it. If you ask us, a few seem rather more dependable than others.

The chances are you’ve already heard about many of the traditional tips for dealing with motion sickness. These traditional tips are common because they’re often highlighted by motion sickness sufferers as being, well, effective!

Among these favorites you probably know about are the following – all top tips we thoroughly recommend:

- Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water

- Avoiding alcohol on the day, and the night before, your departure

- Not traveling on an empty, or over-full, stomach

- Keeping your body cool in the car. (Not to mention on the boat. And in the plane)

- Stimulating anti-nausea acupressure points on the wrists

- Supplementing your travel diet with natural ingredients like ginger or peppermint

What you might not have heard about, however, are the strange motion sickness cures. Strange cures such as… sitting on pieces of paper. Or wearing an ultra-tight belt.

Whether you prefer a spot of psychological wizardry, or, something more weird and wonderful (booze-free dirty martini, anyone?), this creative post could take your motion sickness cures in a new direction.

5 Strange but delightful motion sickness cures:

Strange Motion Sickness Cures

Got that readers? What you need to do now is pack the plums, dig out that mud, and don’t forget the olives!

For more far-out ‘wisdom’ on coping with motion, check out this entertaining post from Arnold Clark. Never has been car sick seemed so creative…

Meanwhile, we’d love to hear your own tips for dealing with motion sickness, no matter how traditional – or far out. Comment by using the form below and share your anti-nausea know-how with the world.

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