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Gadgets to Conquer The Quease Featured_Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief

Gadgets to Conquer The Quease

Technology vs. Motion Sickness – 4 New Gadgets to Conquer the Quease.

Motion sickness has to be one of the oldest problems of our human existence as travelers, right? We know, we know: cars weren’t really a thing until the early 20th century. But still. It’s not always all about automobiles. Picture Inuits traversing choppy, glacial waters; horse riders clearing fields with over-filled stomachs; carriage dwellers rocking back and forth on bumpy roads. All of those scenarios are recipes for motion sickness – not to mention that nauseating feeling of imbalance. The good news, however, is that, as old as this scourge of people in motion may be, it’s currently being tackled with some of the newest techs on the scene. Using glasses created by car makers, and robots that can transmit anti-motion signals into the ear, could we about to enter an age of tech-based extinction for motion sickness? If the claims of these gadget-makers is anything to go by, it’s a definite possibility. And wouldn’t that be awesome? We take a look at 4 contenders hoping to combat nausea once and for all. Check out these 4 Gadgets to Conquer the Quease. Gadgets to Conquer The Quease_Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief So there you have it. That’s anti-barf VR tech, robotic aural pulses, and crazy specs the likes of which we’ve never seen… OK, so maybe technology’s fight against motion sickness still has a way to go. But we’re encouraged to see other companies taking it seriously. This article was created using knowledge shared from other online sources. Our thanks go to VentureBeat for their two articles on Fraunhofer headsets, and MonkeyMedia’s BodyNav tool. Curious to find out more? Then don’t pass up on this intro to the subject from TechRadar. And if you liked this, you might also want to check out our strange but delightful motion sickness cures here – or lose yourself in our mega stash of Virtual Reality posts.
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