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Should I Climb This Wall_ Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief

Should I Climb This Wall

Hit The Wall Try-Athlon: Should I Climb This Wall?

Find out by taking our 3-minute quiz

You’re out in the metropolis, feeling the urge for some sudden serendipity when you spy an intriguing wall. A flash of adrenaline hits you. This could be the challenge you’ve been searching for. But you ask yourself 'Should I Climb This Wall?' As you stop to ponder your options, you’re aware that a parkour legend would scale this thing quicker than a passing mom could yell, ‘Hey! Mind your shoes!’ Not only would they scale it, but they’d do so in an effortless style, making the structure look less like a wall and more like their brick-laden dance partner. Should I Climb This Wall_Fight Motion Sickness By NAusea Relief You, alas, are not (yet) a parkour legend. But you still like the idea of casting off your adult suit and taking in the street from a new vantage point. Before you do, try out our quiz to work out once and for all: Should I climb this wall?

1. What can you see at the top of the wall?

a) An amicable pigeon open to friendship b) Metal spikes and/or razor wire

2. What’s on the other side of the wall?

a) A deep pit of baby-soft mattresses b) No idea whatsoever

3. See any signs on the wall? What do they say?

a) “Please do climb this wall. That would be lovely.” b) “Keep away – on pain of death”

4. How tall is this wall?

a) Very much a conquerable height b) Like Everest, only brickier

5. What’s most likely to happen if you fall off it?

a) Giggles, then dusting my hands off to try again b) A rapid ride to the hospital

6. What do you have on your feet?

a) My grippiest sneakers b) My best stilettos

7. Who else is watching the wall right now?

a) A small, supportive group of pals b) A crowd of angry-looking guards with tasers

8. Are you currently serving a prison sentence?

a) No, ma’am b) Yes, sir Mostly As – Sounds like you’ve found a promising wall, high in reward and low in peril. Mostly Bs – Leave that wall be, a trouper. Back away. OR maybe skip the random wall and go with our actual recommendation: addressing your climbing urges with our Hit The Wall Try-Athlon. This 24-hour challenge is one of THE best ways to climb out of your comfort zone, while still staying safe (and steering clear of arrest). Wanna give it a try? Check out another of our other Try-Athlon posts! Should I climb this wall 2_Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief And send your pictures to our Instagram or Facebook!
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