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8 Outrageous Things on Water-skis_fight motion sickness by nausea relief

8 Outrageous Things on Water-skis

8 Outrageous Things on Water-Skis.

Who are these people? Why are they? Why? It takes dedication to pick up skills with water-skiing, but after a few decent sessions with a good instructor, chances are you’ll be able to ride that wake well enough. When we plucked up the courage to give it a go, we felt pretty darn chuffed to stay upright for 5 whole seconds. 8 Outrageous Things on Water-skis_fight motion sickness by nausea relief

Except, turns out standing upright is just the beginning.

If this list of videos is anything to go by, there’s a world of water-ski weirdness waiting out there. We think we’ll leave the crazy to these guys for now. Do not feel tempted to re-create any of these will you!? Here are our favourite 8 outrageous things on water-skis: 1. The pals playing frisbee. It seems so unlikely. It’s such a long throw. We’re on tenterhooks here, people. 2. The squirrel. Its tiny orange life vest says: I’m game. It’s pleading dark eyes say: help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdmuVQAQSrY 3. The Russian taking flight. OK, OK, so technically the guy’s not wearing water-skis. But check it: this man’s dinghy defies gravity! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kijppVD7v5Q 4. The people in dazzling Lycra forming a mighty human pyramid. This jaw-dropping feat – 60 people in one pyramid formation – was once the largest water-skiing pyramid known to man. It has since been overtaken by a pyramid of 80, but those guys weren’t nearly so snazzily dressed, so we’re sticking with this vid, thanks very much. 5. This totally rad dude right here who’s building a trampoline onto his wakeboard. Jump to 11.06 for the start of the watery action, then grab a tissue for when his dreams die a minute later. Oh well, at least he tried. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ia0T5TBGK3c 6. The people who get married while they’re skiing. On the plus side, it’s an instant excuse to not invite that strange subgroup of odd-smelling cousins. On the minus side: how is anyone ever going to cut the cake? 7. The man who will ski on any object he can find. We’re talking bicycles, ironing boards, ladders, you name it. In this video, it’s his grandma’s picnic table. My goodness, she must be proud. Proud – or calling the cops to find who stole her table. 8. The guy who skis without water-skis. While towed by an airplane. At the same time as using his hands. To do press-ups. Mind = blown. For more fun check out these cute but unbalanced animals. And check out the home of British Water Skiing here.
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