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5 Absurd Anti-Vertigo Mantras_Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief

5 Absurd Anti-Vertigo Mantras

Ground Yourself In The Moment With These 5 Absurd Anti-vertigo Mantras.

We’re channeling the power of the mind right now, folks. And today this channel is tuned in to 5 absurd anti-vertigo mantras. >: Ermmm... Before we go any further, for the record, it’s clear that using mantras can be great for many people. A solid mantra might strengthen and center you. It can block out difficult noises and distractions, helping you focus on what’s meaningful in your life right here, right now. 5 Absurd Anti-Vertigo Mantras_Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief Some spiritual-focused teachers recommend humming mantras like these to relax the muscles and lower the blood pressure. They can also slow down your breathing rate: Nnn – to heal the ears Eemm – to heal the eyes Paamm – to heal the stomach Such teachers claim that these tools of the mind can genuinely overcome the barriers of illness. They create auras of self-love and ecstasy. Maybe they even lead the chanter down a glorious golden path of true enlightenment. These particular mantras, however, make no claims to do that at all. The fact is, when vertigo hits, you probably won’t be wanting to chant anything except ‘Oof’, ‘HOW’ and ‘Heck no. Please heck no.’ We feel your pain. Until then, pull down the blackout blinds, draw your curtains, lie in your bed and assume the absurd anti-vertigo position: because splayed, still and surrounded by crucial silence will help.

5 Absurd Anti-vertigo Mantras:

I-used-to-love-spinning-in-circles-in-recess-let’s-pretend-we’re-going-to-recess Dizziness-could-be-my-best-friend-if-by-best-friend-you-mean-person-I-would-most-like-to-strap-to-a-missile-and-drop-over-the-desert I-am-the-trampoline-I-like-to-bounce Vertigo-vertigone-vertigo-vertigone This-isn’t-working-let’s-try-something-else What ways have you found to overcome your vertigo? Has a mantra helped you deal with the effects? And if you have any tips or wisdom to share with fellow vertigo sufferers, why not take a couple of minutes to leave a comment on this page. We’d love to hear from you. Check out our natural guide to combating nausea, and let's fight motion sickness and nausea together. Click here and check out information about vertigo from the NHS here.
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