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Unwanted Souvenirs_Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief

Unwanted Souvenirs

Those 7 Unwanted Souvenirs That We’re Praying Not To Receive.

Isn’t it enough to endure the postcards, the WhatsApp snap tsunamis, and the weeks of it-was-funnier-at-the-time anecdotes from your nearest and dearest? Alas, no. Sometimes not. If one of the following unwanted souvenirs reaches you, just take the gift and act very grateful. (You can drop the fake smile and find a new home for the strange madness as soon as its giver is out the door. Wait for it…...Wait for it..... NOW.) Unwanted Souvenirs_Fight Motion sickness By Nausea Relief

1. The ‘local’ candy

That stripy stick of British rock must have looked so happy and colorful and carefree in duty-free. To you it looks tough, chewy and unforgiving. Your dental hygienist would have an absolute fit. Give it to the nearest child and run away very fast!

2. The ill-fitting t-shirt

Not only is it nowhere near your size, it’s also not your color, pattern, or style. It’s not your anything really. Let’s hope the thrift store is taking donations today. Because that's where it's going. And fast!

3. The key-ring

How many sets of keys does this person think you have? How many key-rings does one person need! Is there an answer to this question!!!?

4. The elephant-patterned pants

They might’ve looked sort of OK in India, but if anyone thinks you’re wearing these PJ pants outdoors they’ve got another thing coming. Because, well.... The elephant-patterned pants

5. The fridge magnet

It might be what the cast of Downton Abbey would buy on their travels, but your fridge is already groaning. Please, holidaymakers. Rein it in. Remember these?

6. The sombrero

Commonly purchased in Spain, they say. WHY? You say. Sombraro Time!

7. The cane toad

A dead thing removed from its natural habitat and stuffed? No thanks very much! Let's be honest, the sooner this trend is over, the better. Check out the world's worst souvenirs here. And if you think those are bad, check out 'All I Got Was This Lousy...'.
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