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Vertigo Nausea Testimonials



‘My dizziness has gone down SO MUCH!’ – and other true Sea-Band tales.

Nothing quite takes the ground from under your feet like vertigo – the balance-warping, anxiety-inducing condition that can last from a matter of seconds to days at a time; sometimes longer.

Certain instances of vertigo can be the direct result of an infection, whereas others might arise as unpleasant side effects from meds, or other illnesses. If you’re suffering with an ongoing attack, or keep having the same symptoms, be sure to see your doctor as soon as you can, to check out what the cause behind it might be.

If you’ve already seen your doctor, and there’s nothing they can do to ease that nauseating dizziness, what should you do next? Do you resign yourself to lying down in the dark stillness of your bedroom? Or do you look for an alternative?

Caitlin Smith, from Texas, has had issues with vertigo-like dizziness for 2 years as a result of previous brain surgery. She was feeling dizzy 24/7, and searching for something to help – so she tried Sea-Bands. Not long after positioning them on her wrists, she shared the news with her followers: ‘I started using them only 3 hours ago and my dizziness has gone down SO MUCH!!!’

Caitlin isn’t the only one these acupressure bands have helped. Christine, too, armed up against her vertigo – using Sea-Band to conquer the symptoms of a virus. Meanwhile, fibromyalgia sufferer, Laura, took time to share her own great news about Sea-Band: ‘they are easing the vertigo and nausea.’*

So how do these magic bands work, we hear you ask? Simple: the band’s plastic button presses firmly against the P6 acupressure point of your inner wrist, stimulating a path through your body that’s known to fight nausea and help you stay grounded when dizziness strikes. It’s a natural, drug-free way to channel your body’s own healing powers – making it especially helpful for folks who feel like they already have too many pills to swallow.

Want to hear more about Sea-Band and vertigo? Read on for our selection of testimonials…

*(OK, OK. Full disclosure: Laura also wrote to say she didn’t think they were very fashionable. We disagree – but, hey, you can’t win ’em all.)

Nausea Relief Success Stories

“I have found these very useful when I get a vertigo attack. They do not stop me feeling dizzy but they definitely stop the nausea. I would recommend these for vertigo sufferers and those who suffer from travel sickness.”
Amazon Reviewer


“Highly recommended for Vertigo – I have bought this for the third time not because it is a great idea because I wear them 24 hours a day seven days a week I suffer from extreme vertigo and having these on I have no vertigo whatsoever they say not to wear them all the time but I say screw them if it works do it!”


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