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Sea Sickness Testimonials



‘I’m free to drink cocktails at 10am!’ – and other true Sea-Band tales.

The mighty ocean. Covers over 70% of the world’s surface. Contains 97% of the planet’s water supply. Is home to SpongeBob, the Little Mermaid, Free Willy and Nemo. Also makes a heck of a lot of people feel queasy crossing it.

If you’re one of those people, you might have developed a few ways to cope when you’re faced with a ferry ride, boat trip or cruise. Such as,

– Gluing a sick bag to your face

– Trying to knock yourself unconscious

– Taking meds that make you feel like your brain has been caught in a fisherman’s net

– Or just not going. Period. Because anything would be more appealing than clutching the rails and losing your insides repeatedly.

Except, while avoiding the waves is a highly effective strategy for avoiding the risk of seasickness, when you rule out the waves you also rule out:

– Lazy sangrias on a deck-side hammock

– The merry shapes of sea creatures contorting in the surf

– The delicious lull of the water as you drift away to Nod-Land

– And all hopes of discovering the Lost City of Atlantis.

Ask yourself now, folks: are you really happy with passing up that list? Or would you rather be like Instagrammer Emily, raising a plastic red cup to the Statue of Liberty, nausea-free. Or the wife who’s tracking dolphins when she’d usually otherwise be in a world of misery. Or Sandra, who managed to fill her freezer with several months’ worth of fish. (You go Sandra.)

What unites these people – and so many more – isn’t that they’re immune to ocean sickness. Far from it. In fact, all of them have one super simple trick hiding up their sleeve: the natural, drug-free seasickness remedy, Sea-Band.

Just slip the bands over your wrists, align the plastic circles with your P6 pressure points (3 finger-widths down from the wrist joint, between those inner tendons) and feel your body quickly ease into an anti-nauseous state. By stimulating this crucial zone of acupressure power, you’re far more likely to fend off the quease – leaving you free to enjoy the high seas and embark on every adventure that you spot through your trusty spyglass.

Want to know more about how Sea-Band has worked for other folks like yourself? Then read on for our latest sea-themed selection…


Nausea Relief Success Stories

” ‘Didn’t need the Dramamine’, these worked perfectly – They worked so well my wife kept saying she didn’t need them cause she didn’t feel sick (yeah she’s one of those – I feel better to let me stop taking my meds people.) however, I just kept pointing out that the last time she was cruising and the boat rocked the exact same way, she had spent 2 days in bed in the room.”
Amazon Review


“These bands are awesome. I get bad seasickness but I love to go ocean fishing for sea bass and lingcod! I wore a pair of these on an ocean fishing trip last week and they really did the trick. Unfortunately, I didn’t limit out on my fishing (LOL) but I got enough fish to put in the freezer for the next several months! And this time, no seasickness! Made the trip much more fun!!! Highly recommend!”



“Guess who went sailing and didn’t even throw up once ??⛵️? #seabandsreallywork #beutahful #sunsetsailing”
L Clason


“Surprisingly Effective – Waves crashing over a sailboat in the North Sea on a VBT sailing and biking vacation in the North Sea in October 2018 were no match for these wrist bands, which quickly quieted an uneasy stomach once I put them on. Three travellers used these wrist bands and did not feel seasick, while those who did not use them were in poor shape. Like many other reviewers, I was sceptical that these bands would work to prevent seasickness, but they actually are surprisingly effective and are a reusable and exceptional value. I did bring medicine for seasickness, but with these wrist bands, I did not need to use the medicine. I recommend this product.”

Dan H


“Loving my sea bands! Absolutely 100% seasick free! That’s means I’m free to drink cocktails at 10 am! These bands work on pushing on your nausea pressure point! ❤️”
Sam H


“Worked for my wife. We went dolphin watching in Tenerife. This would normally be a fraught experience with my wife wanting to see the fun but sat miserably in the middle of the boat wishing she was anywhere else. She wore these, and was able to fully enjoy the experience with no problem at all.”


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