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In Dave We Trust

In Dave We Trust_Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief

An Anxiety Adventuring Announcement powered by Sea-Band:


Two men. Two epic challenges. One impressive beard color.

Of all the exceptional partnerships in all the world (forget Bonnie and Clyde, Homer and Marge, Dorothy and Toto), there is NO-ONE so dang exciting as the up and coming union of Cornthwaite and Burkhart.
Who are Cornthwaite and Burkhart, we hear you ask?
Are they solicitors? Baristas? Grave robbers?

Nay, nay and thrice nay. They are, in fact, Jon Burkhart, the albino vlogger-turned-anxious-adventurer, and Dave Cornthwaite, also known as @DaveCorn, also known as the Yes Man, also known as that bodacious ginger-maned travel writer who started out on his blogging career by skateboarding the entire length of Great Britain.  (Yes, folks. Indeed he did.) And In Dave We Trust.

This union is a marriage of traveling mindsets like no other. Not only do both bloggers enjoy the mystical powers that come with having red hair in their beards, they also both believe in using travel to work through their fears.


Let’s clarify this pairing with a checklist for one second:
Anxious? Check.
Bloggers? Check.
Keen to leave their comfort zones? Check.
Ginger beards? Check.
Unbreakable? Absolutely not.

So what do you do with a dynamic duo like this? Simple: you give that duo a challenge, sit back, and savor the results. A challenge like… say…
(Yes! The Actual Mo-Flipping Mississippi!)

In today’s vlog post, the first of this action-packed mini-series, we meet Dave and Jon in Italy, where they’ve stumbled across each other for the very first time at the 2019 Social Travel Summit.
By the end of the video, fears will have been laid bare, threats of a fat camp will have been issued, and a pact will have been made: for the Burk to join the Corn in a great quest down the lower section of America’s second-longest river.

In exchange, the Corn will also agree to try something quite spectacular for the Burk: a 24-hour-no-holds-barred Ginger Tryathlon.  That’s a bunch of adventure-curious red heads pushing their limits to conquer 3 feats in just one day, and prove that being a carrot top is da bomb it’s possible to unite everyone with the right challenge, whatever their fears.
Want to hear more? Very good. It’s time to press play.


Excited, friends? So are we. Stay tuned to @nausearelief for all the news on the next instalment…

Meanwhile, if you’re thirsting for another dose of adventurous content, check out the fun times we’ve been having with travel blogger Stephanie Zito, or test your mettle on our Adrenaline Audit for a chance to be selected for your own funded Tryathlon.


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