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VR Motion Sickness



‘As the game loads I take that time to slip on and adjust the wristbands’ – and other true Sea-Band tales

Relief in Virtual Reality (and IRL)

Some people think tech-rooted issues always require tech-rooted solutions. Well, not that we want to tell those folks they’re wrong, but…

They are. Sorry.

Or rather: sorry-not-sorry.

As the world of VR continues to grow in amazing and awesome ways, we’re hearing of more and more gamers who are struggling with VR sickness: strapping on their headsets, loading up their games, and enjoying just a few minutes of fun before motion sickness forces them to stop.

We think that’s a tragedy. Especially since we think we have the solution. And we’re also not the only VR fans to think this way.

Take Tybie who’s been gaming all his life, and loving it. Growing up, Tybie developed nausea when it came to 3D games, until finally, sick of the sickness, he gave it all up.

‘Then a friend recommended Sea-Band,’ a natural, drug-free remedy for nausea, and he decided to give them a try.

The results blew Tybie’s mind. ‘It was surreal,’ he wrote. ‘I was kind of in disbelief. The nausea had completely gone.’ And, for as long as he wore the Sea-Bands, it didn’t come back.

Tybie wasn’t sure how the Sea-Bands were working. He thought they might be a placebo. He tested them, got sceptical, and waited for them to fail. But they didn’t – and now he regularly plays VR games sickness-free, using bow and arrow to shoot enemies and flee backwards at the same time. Truly, a mark of progress.

We’re here to tell you now, gamers, that Sea-Band is no placebo. In fact, these neat little bands hit a point on your wrists that healers have harnessed the power of for millennia: the P6 acupressure point, which links directly to your heart and stomach.

This form of nausea relief is not rooted in tech. Instead it’s rooted in thousands of years of wisdom and experience.

Of course, you’re probably thinking, they would say that. But the truth is Sea-Band can work for many VR gamers suffering with nausea – and not just Tybie with his backwards bow and arrows.

Read on for more true tales of when VR met Sea-Band– and judge this awesome product for yourself.

Nausea Relief Success Stories

“And they are the best nausea relief out there. I got them for my husband when he plays certain video games, and they’re never off his wrists now. Very pleased”


“I’ve been a gamer all my life. I grew up loving 3D games, but as I grew into adulthood I slowly developed nausea when playing or even watching 3D video games. It finally got so bad I stopped playing 3D, and for years I limited myself to side scrollers. Then Skyrim came, and obviously nothing would stop me from playing it. I couldn’t play more than 10 minutes without being overwhelmed by the nausea: flushed hot face, pressure in the stomach, abs clenching. Day after day I pushed myself a little further each time (more than once unintentionally causing myself to actually vomit), until finally I could play for a full hour before retreating in agony to lay down and breathe slowly. It may sound like hell to anyone reading this, but if you too love Skyrim then you understand my sacrifice. Flash forward to a few weeks ago: I started Elder Scrolls Online. Then a friend recommended Sea-Band to me. When I saw it on Amazon I thought it looked pretty fake. But I decided to try it. I don’t know how to put into words the feeling I had for those first minutes of playing while wearing the Sea-Band wristbands. It was surreal, I was kind of in disbelief. The nausea was completely gone. I cautiously continued playing and felt fine, but I stopped myself after 30 minutes because I was afraid maybe the nausea was somehow delayed and would catch up to me, but it didn’t. The next day I played for an hour. And the next day more. I finally accepted that I can now play as long as I want, just like in childhood.
I waited weeks to write this review. I thought maybe the effect was a placebo that would wear off in time. Well, it hasn’t lost its effectiveness one bit. I start up my game every night, and as it loads I take that time to slip on and adjust the wristbands. I play as much as I want, and when I stop I feel just as comfortable as when I started. I don’t get even a hint of nausea. Because of how effective this Sea-Band is, I’ve been able to start using a technique I’ve been wishing to try for a long time: moving and looking around independently. This is a really important skill in 3D gaming, but as a kid I couldn’t coordinate doing two things at the same time, and as an adult that technique has always made the nausea a million times worse. Now I’m able to use my bow and arrow to shoot at enemies while fleeing backwards. Don’t judge! 😉 So, thanks Sea-Band for allowing me to spend time in Tamriel without getting sick IRL!”


(5* review) “These actually work. I don’t know why this surprised me lol. I use these for gaming, I suffer from motion sickness in various first person computer games and soon feel awful and have to stop playing. It can ruin me for a few hours sometimes. I bought these and was happily playing without feeling sick.”


(5* review) “Hard to tell how well they work but I use them whenever I play vr and I’m able to up to 1 hours before I start getting motion sick. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a way to reduce motion sickness.”


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