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‘I kept getting on rides all day’ – and other true Sea-Band tales. Roller coaster relief

Catelyn gets motion sickness, and she gets it bad. But for some crazy reason – a last-ditch attempt to bond with her boyf like a ‘normal’ person, maybe (whatever normal’s supposed to mean) – she finds herself in Disneyland, standing miserably at the front of the line for a coaster. It’s almost time to ride. She’s already almost spewed her guts after Star Tours. The prognosis is not looking good.

S0 what do you think happened next?

a) She pulled out of the line and raced back to the bathroom, staying there for the rest of the day

b) She showered her boyfriend with all the worst things as they rode, creating a mash-up of It’s a Small World meets The Exorcist

c) Something else entirely…

That’s right, mystery-lovers. Catelyn went for option number c. She did ‘something else’. More specifically, she armed herself with acupressure bands, and then found, to her astonishment, IMMEDIATE RELIEF: ‘Afterwards, I went on all the rides and not once did my stomach drop… These bands are priceless to me.’

Meanwhile in the ethersphere, Love2Shop (real name? Who knows?) is facing a second family trip to Universal Studios. Trip One was no picnic: a grim day of constant sickness, that put L2S in fear of the next time around.

Trip Two, though: no sickness at all. Not a whiff. Why? Because to tackle Trip Two, L2S came prepared. And guess what? That meant equipping their sickness-prone family with sets of Sea-Bands all round.

If you haven’t heard of a Sea-Band before, now’s the moment to make yourself acquainted. Sea-Band is a natural, drug-free remedy for nausea of all shapes and sizes – and is especially handy, we’ve found, for maxing excitement at roller coasters and theme parks.

Simply slip them on, align their plastic pressure point to the inside of your wrist (a spot that is called the P6; known for soothing the stomach and chest), and discover if you too can suddenly ride roller coasters, nausea-free.

We’ve shared the full, no-holds-barred reviews from Catelyn and Love2Shop below, along with a few other teasers to get you in the mood for adventure.

Think motion sickness will always hold you back? It’s time to think again.

Nausea Relief Success Stories

“My husband and I went to Universal Studios for our honeymoon and I was so disappointed to find that nearly every single ride made me feel nauseous. I loved going when I was a kid and never remembered the rides doing that to me. We just got back from another trip to the parks and I gave this a shot and it worked! On nearly every single ride I felt fine right after and during, there were a few, more intense where I could still feel a little bit of the nausea/dizziness but it was gone within minutes and it really took the edge off. Again, I don’t know how this works, but I’ll take it! It made rollercoasters and virtual rides so much fun

Mrs A


“No more motion sickness. – I was skeptical about these because it was so simple but I purchased them anyway. I used them right after I received them at an amusement park on rides that I have gotten sick on before and had no expectations. Thought after riding I would have to sit down for a while but I didnt they actually worked for me so I kept getting on rides all day and never got sick. Simple bands with a pressure point in the middle and they work. Comfortable to wear and not too tight and can also be reused.

Eduardo Rodriguez


I felt cured of my motion sickness – I recently went to Disneyland with my boyfriend and was terrified of getting sick on the rides. I’ve had horrible motion sickness for years now. I’ve had experiences throwing up after Space Mountain at Disney World and vomiting on myself on airplane rides. Really bad incidents. I bought these to try along with the usual over-the-counter medicine. I took the medicine the first morning we went and forgot about these bands. After riding Star Tours I was booking it to the bathroom, ready to spew my guts.

As I miserably waited in the stall for the inevitable, I remembered these bands stowed away in my backpack. No lie, as soon as I put them on, IMMEDIATE RELIEF. It was incredible! I was chipper again! Afterward, I went on all the rides and never once did my stomach drop, my head get hot, or any effects of motion sickness plague me. I don’t know how they work, but they do. I’m still nervous about airplanes but hopefully these bands will provide relief for that as well. These bands are priceless to me because they allowed me to experience and even look forward to the rides I used to love as a kid.



These things are amazing. I have been to Universal Studios twice. The first time I did not wear these and I felt sick the entire day. The second time around I knew I needed something (anything) to help me through all the dizzy rides. I bought these for me, my two kids (ages 5, 9) and my parents (who are prone to motion sickness). These worked! We never felt ill. I definitely recommend these and I will be purchasing them in the future.



Since I gave birth to my son 12 years ago I have not been able to ride roller coasters without getting extremely sick! Well after putting these on not only was I able to ride roller coasters all day long at Kings Island I also NEVER got sick or nauseated! We are planning our next trip to Cedar Point! I am so happy to be able to ride roller coasters again! Thank u so much for this product! I will be using again and again plus I have another pair as a back up for me or anyone I am with! 😉



Hi so I recently got a sea band as a gift. I normally never get Nauseous due to motion sickness. Till probably recently I get them here and there esp at theme parks. I never use to get motion sickness at all but as I get older I do now haha! I love taking my nephew and my family’s kids . But I ended up trying the bands at Disney during a few rides I can feel my self getting dizzy. So I strapped them on and boy they work !!! All day I felt composed and comfortable until I lost the band:( I’m not sure if I was taking off my sweater/ jacket and one slipped off but I was pretty bummed. Your product I felt worked and helped to I appreciate you making them . I’ll support the product 100 percent 🙂



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