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Post-op Testimonials



‘The perfect headache cure’ – and other true Sea-Band tales.

What do you use your Sea-Bands to help you with? For the majority of our customers, the answer to that question would either be morning or motion sickness. But there’s an ever-growing group of fans who are putting our bands’ relieving qualities to the test in a slightly different way: to help get on with their lives as they go through illness and post-op issues, such as chemotherapy.

Today we’ve brought together a snapshot of their real-life experiences – true testimonials, from genuine customers, who have found Sea-Band’s acupressure properties to be invaluable when times have tested their health. It could be headaches, migraines, vertigo nausea, chemotherapy, or general post-operative sickness. In every case, we’ve had customers write to let the world know how Sea-Bands have helped them.

Like Theodore, who has seen his 93-year-old mother’s life transformed by wearing the bands for nausea. And Barside, who bands up to combat regular headaches.

The healing powers of Sea-Band come from the pressure point of the wristband: a gentle, but firm, plastic circle, which sits neatly within the tendons of your wrist. Why there? Because that’s the site of the P6 pressure point, a nexus of energy that has been used in drug-free treatments for thousands of years.

And being drug-free is particularly important to us. This is a natural nausea-relief solution that doesn’t come with side effects. It won’t clash with any meds you’re already taking. And it won’t be another thing to swallow down with a glass of water.

This remedy is safe, easy, affordable and quick – for some, it’s even instant, letting you crack on with your day while you leave the bands to work. But you don’t want to hear all that from us, do you? We bet you’d rather hear it from the people out there who’ve bought them. So without further ado, we bring you a selection of testimonials.

Nausea Relief Success Stories

“Purchased these for my Mother ( Age 93) Who has been unwell..sickness one of the symptoms. These bands really do work. While She is wearing these She has no feelings of sickness. Try them..No horrid medication needed now..wonderful”


“Currently going through chemo treatment and these are great for relieving any nausea caused by my treatment. Can recommend!”


“Anyway…the point of this post is to show off these wrist bands. They’re called Sea-Bands and are mainly used for seasickness, nausea, morning sickness etc. I decided to try them however because I have had a dizziness problem for about 2 years now where I am dizzy 24/7 every day, due to brain surgery. I started using them only 3 hours ago and my dizziness has gone down SO MUCH!!! This chronic warrior fully endorses this product!!!”


“My mom got me these little bracelets called Sea bands! They help control nausea by pressure points! So much better than taking medicine!! I’ve been 2 days with out my medicine which I was taking daily, if not twice daily! These things work 90%! I will occasionally feel a tad bit nauseous, but nothing compared to how bad I’ve felt!”


Perfect headache cure. Someone suggested I get travel bands for regular headaches. I was sceptical but thought I’d give them a go. I was pleasantly surprised that they actually worked. I’ve not needed to take any tablets since I’ve had these, and now I make sure I always have one in my pocket.



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