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VR Innovations to Stop Nausea_Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief

VR To Stop Motion Sickness

VR Innovations To Stop Motion Sickness and Nausea

VR games may be virtual (the clue’s in the name, ahem), but the motion sickness and nausea they can cause for some players is indisputably real. And, what’s more, it really sucks. In our latest VR-themed post for the Sea-Band community, we turn our focus to 4 new VR innovations hoping to kick nausea into the dust. And then keep kicking. At the time of writing, these quirky innovations are all being trialed and developed. We are excited to see if they can help bring the scourge of interactive games (and long drives, and ferry rides, and pregnancy, and, and, and) to a timely end. Today we’re getting the VR party started with an exciting collaboration between Audi and Disney – which has taken the form of an in-car game born out of Marvel’s much-loved Avengers series. That’s right, boys and girls: car giant, meets Disney, meets comic book franchise – and with none of that horrible motion sickness nonsense in the mix. With that glorious mash-up coming at you, the long drive to visit Aunt Gladys will never be the same again.

VR To Stop Motion Sickness

VR Innovations to Stop Nausea_fight motion sickness by nausea relief (1) Is your curiosity piqued? Do you want to find out more? Dumb question, right? Keep reading, and click on these links for all the juicy info. For the Gamers Media view on the 3dRudder get your good self over here. Meanwhile, the MakeUseOf team has shared everything you need to know about Cybershoes, thisaway. Hopping on a bus to Las Vegas any time soon? Let us know if you’ve tried FlixBus. Was it easy? Queasy? Share your comments below. For more VR-themed posts from the Sea-Band community, check out 4 of the worst VR games out there for causing motion sickness. You can also accelerate your adventurous self, VR-style, with our USA’s Sickest Rides: VR Level post.
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