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Therapy Pets We All Need_Fight Motion sickness by nausea relief

Therapy Pets We All Need

5 Therapy Pets You Would Have In Your Life If It Was Socially Acceptable To Steal Them From Their Owners.

Remember the last time you were squeezed in by an airplane window – guy to your left with those hard, jabby elbows; cabin bag cramped by your feet – and you couldn’t stop checking your watch in the hopes you’d just land? At one point, maybe two hours after the peanuts and tomato juice came around, an inevitable thought must surely have arisen. The thought that goes: ‘Life would be so much better if this guy with the elbows turned into a soft labradoodle.’ We hear you. These therapy pets would hear you too, if only they weren’t taken. Therapy Pets We All Need_Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief


Search for #therapydog enough times on Insta, and you’re probably going to be ready for a change. How about typing in #therapymarmoset? Gizmo, the emotional support monkey, has the kind eyes of a counselor, and the hair of a wise old professor. He apparently also has a lot of paperwork requirements (hence that time his owner got in trouble on his business flight to Las Vegas).


We’re not generally ones for making grand entrances, but there’s something about this gorgeous therapy peacock that appeals to our aesthetic sensibilities. Maybe it’s the way he owns the room. Such poise. Unfortunately, the airline his owner booked on to weren’t quite so enamored. Our feathered friend was turned away at Newark.


Skippy’s not always down under these days – sometimes she’s up above. This therapy ’roo bounced into the cabin with her owner, and promptly wooed all the staff onboard before take-off. Whether or not she then flew on to rescue the person stuck down the mineshaft is unclear.

2. PIG

Who can resist the disruptive pig? The hog that races down the aisles, making a mess and squealing as it goes? Not us, folks. This now-infamous emotional therapy pet was just doing what we’d all like to be doing on our flights, if only the stewards would let us – the dirty swines.


We’ve saved the best ’til last – and by ‘best’ we mean the service horse, of course. Flying on the hoof, this miniature mare, Flirty, can just about fit in the spot where your legs should go. Encourage her to stay perfectly still, and her saddle is just the right height to hold your book with a gin and tonic. We want our own Flirty. We want one right now.
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