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Mundane Thoughts You Can't Avoid_Fight Motion Sickness By NAusea Relief

Mundane Thoughts You Can't Avoid

How Many Of These 10 Mundane Thoughts You Can't Avoid, Can You Fit Into Your Next Adrenaline-Fueled Adventure?

You’re about to embark on the adventure of your life. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Bucket-list bullion. Insta-wham! You spent a bundle of your hard-earned money to get here. I even had one or two sleepless nights. And now you need to focus on the current moment more clearly than anything you’ve ever focused on before. Because adventure is here. It’s happening. It is happening! Mundane Thoughts You Can't Avoid_Fight Motion Sickness By NAusea Relief Only.............. hold up, it seems there’s a little message coming through. Your mind wants to tell you something. Must be important, right? Must be something BIG for it to be thinking of that instead of your present adventure. Let’s tune in and find out:


Does my hair look OK? It’s probably doing that weird thing with the parting and there are people taking pictures. I can’t do this adventure properly if I look weird. I need a mirror. Can I ask for a mirror right now? Surely not. Shoot, I don’t think I put any deodorant on this morning. Or is that smell coming from someone else? Take a sniff. Subtly now. I think it’s me? Keep your arms closed. Do not raise your arms. I definitely cannot ask for a deodorant. Oh my gosh, I love garlic bread so much. I wonder where I can find garlic bread? It smells so garlicky. Delicious. Aaaand now I’m hungry. So, lemme search for Italian restaurants near our hotel. No. Yes. No. There’d be no signal out here anyway, would there? Argh! I should probably change my cell network when I get home. I think Danny said she gets a really good deal on the other one. I'd better ask her. Why should I be the sucker? Oh, it took so long last time though. Can I do it here? Tonight? Is that a crazy thing to do on a vacation?

There's More!!

Did I leave my earplugs behind? Oh no, no, no, no, no. I hope not. Because they’re the best ones. I can’t sleep without those earplugs. Where’s my bag? They should be in the outer pocket. I’ll have to check later. Put it on the list. I have a list… somewhere… What else was on it? I never sent that postcard to Mom. Dang! That was supposed to be on the top of the list. Where can I buy stamps? I haven’t seen a post office for days. I’ll just have to tell her I sent it and blame the mail service. Say it must’ve got lost. ‘Did you get my postcard, Mom?’ Imagine if my boiler explodes. I swear I turned it off though. At least I hope I did. Man, that’d be pretty bad. Who would put it out? Who can I call to ask to check? Mom has the keys, but if I call her I’m never going to be able to get off the phone… This is fun. OK. Next trip: so, where should I go? If I can just work out what kind of vacation I’ll be wanting next Fall… Something with mountains, maybe. I’d like to go to Switzerland. Or France. I used to love French. Baguette. Soleil. Bonjour. What’s the French for ‘Hamster’? I know that I know it. Meerschweinschen? No, that’s German for a guinea pig. Come on, hamster. You’re in there somewhere. Petite… Ahmsterre? I’m sure there’s something else I should be thinking about. It’s just this niggling feeling… because I know I wanted to focus on something… Concentrate… Keep thinking… It’ll come… If you liked our Mundane thoughts you can't avoid, check out this!
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