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License Plate Granny_Fight Motion sickness By Nausea Relief

License Plate Granny

10 License Plates That’ll Make You Hope An Old Tiger Granny Is Driving.

License Plate Granny: You’ve been playing the License Plate game for months now, on roads the whole country through, and there’s one thing you can’t get enough of: the kooky plates that give away a little something-something of their driver. Spot any of the following on your next road trip, and keep eyes your peeled to see who’s behind the wheel. If just one of these plates is owned by a granny, we swear we’ll approach our old age with open arms. License Plate Granny_Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief It's time to play License Plate Granny:

The Metallica Plate

Get those devil horns at the ready: there’s no prizes for guessing what Deirdre’s playing through her sub-woofers. Turn it up, lady. Turn it up loud: License Plate Game 10_ Fight Motionsickness By Nausearelief

The G-Rated Plate

As in G for gangsta. As in: Gangsta G Grandma. Amirite? You know it’s right: License Plate Game 9_ Fight Motionsickness By Nausearelief

The Feet-Loving Plate

Who doesn’t love feet? All the better to walk round the sales with, dear. License Plate Game 8_ Fight Motionsickness By Nausearelief

The Timeless Plate

Ethel’s given up letting people know her age. After all, timeless is a state of mind: License Plate Game 7_ Fight Motionsickness By Nausearelief

The LOTR Plate

Samwise Gran-gee never stops. Enter Hobbiton into the SatNav and hit the gas: License Plate Game 6_ Fight Motionsickness By Nausearelief

The Agitated Plate

All the signs are telling us: ‘Do not mess.’ We’ll have no trouble here, thanks. There’s a chance this granny driver’s packing knitting needles: License Plate Game 5_ Fight Motionsickness By Nausearelief

The Tired Plate

This plate works coz the driver’s tired AND she’s carrying tires. Geddit? Oh, right. You did get it: License Plate Game 4_ Fight Motionsickness By Nausearelief

The Vegan Plate

We’re all set for our butter-free scones. All we need is a warmed-up teapot: License Plate Game 3_ Fight Motionsickness By Nausearelief

The Queen’s Plate

You tell ’em, Maureen. Everyone knows you rule. License Plate Game 2_ Fight Motionsickness By Nausearelief

The Life-Loving Plate

Us too, Granny. All the more when we see you rolling through. License Plate Game 1_ Fight Motionsickness By Nausearelief Spotted any more cool license plates? let us know in the comments below. And check this out for more fun.
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