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Solo Travelers Never Have These Conversations_Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief

Chats No Solo Travelers Have

10 Mind-Numbing Chats No Solo Travelers Have.

Right now, as you’re reading this article, there’s a perfect travel companion out there for you. This companion does exactly what you want at the moment you want it. They love what you love, hate what you hate, and would be the last person on earth to stand you up. Better yet, this companion will also never drag you into any mind-numbing conversations. Frankly, they have more excellent things to be doing. Like ordering your second Mai Tai. And admiringly taking in the attractive diners at the next table – all the while congratulating themselves on not needing to step into their constant stream of meaningless chit-chat. That companion is you, solo traveler. So scratch that travel itch, ditch the groups, and tune into the drudgeries you’re missing. Conversations Solo Travelers Never Have_Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief

Chats No Solo Travelers Have:

Chat 1: “A free line-dancing class in a dark side-alley? And you’d like me to come along with you?”

That time when a travel buddy can’t see that their friend would rather be sleeping right now than out for six hours pretending to have fun.

Chat 2: “For the 190th time this trip: put the fricking seat down!”

Certain travel buddies will bash heads on bathroom etiquette until they’re blue in the face. Clearly some folks will never be toilet compatible.

Chat 3: “So you want to ‘borrow’ a sip of my water? How are you going to return it?”

Hydration frustration. It’s real.

Chat 4: “I know she’s thousands of miles away, but it really does feel like your ex is here with us.”

The extra traveler that no one invited – a tangible presence thanks to the way they feature in every. Single. Sentence.

Chat 5: “Yes, I’ll wait while you call her. Again.”

Whoever enjoyed standing outside a phone booth?

Chat 6: “Are you ready? Too late. We just missed the last bus.”

One traveler is laid-back and unhurried. The other is angsting to get out the door. This adventure is unlikely to end well.

Chat 7: “Will your wallet permit a second glass of wine?”

When budget expectations collide, one traveler will either be out of pocket, or pleading to loosen the purse-strings.

Chat 8: “Any chance you could read your book with your inside voice?”

Sheesh, the passive aggression. It gets us every time.

Chat 9: “I hit you with a pillow because you were snoring. Like a buzzsaw.”

Sometimes earplugs are frighteningly insufficient.

Chat 10: “Much as I appreciate your attention to personal hygiene, I’d prefer it if you could clip your toenails slightly further from my bed.”

Oh dear. Just oh dear. If you enjoyed this, check out more travel fun here!
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