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Morning Sickness Testimonials




Pregnancy can be an anxious time for lots of moms-to-be – especially when morning sickness hits, as it does for many women in their first trimester.

As if it wasn’t hard enough contemplating the fact that your body is growing a whole new tiny human (or two; or three!) all by itself, suddenly nausea crashes in and threatens to disrupt those remaining months of child-less freedom. That’s unless you’ve already got kids to care for – in which case pregnancy nausea can feel like even more of a big, fat meanie.

We’re not sure what evolution was thinking with this one (thanks, nature) but we are pleased to say that there’s a way to make morning sickness end naturally, sometimes even in an instant.

If you haven’t heard of your P6 point, now’s the time to make it your new best friend. Situated between the tendons of your inner forearm, three fingers’-width down from the wrist joint, this is the P6 area, and applying steady pressure here can dramatically ease – or totally eradicate – the sickness that pregnancy brings. Try it now. How does it feel?

Our drug-free pressure bands do the job so your fingers don’t have to stay there. Many moms-to-be even wear our bands overnight, and find their sleep is improved as a result. Just a pair of elasticated bands, with a focused patch of pressure.

Sounds simple? That’s because it is. And for many struggling moms-to-be out there, our Sea-Band Mama can sometimes feel like a lifesaver, helping women get out of their nausea, and back into the life they want to lead.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve pulled together five of our fave testimonials from pregnant women (and, in one case, their family member) who took the time to tell the world how Sea-Bands worked for them. These are genuine women, with genuine stories. Read on for the full scoop.


“It works – So i got a bunch of pregnancy things for my friend who has extreme morning sickness. Im talking, sick all day, all night, going to the doctor, passing out, cant eat, cant even have ice, it was awful. I ordered a bunch of morning sickness candies, pops and these wristbands to try. She tried all of them and some of the candies were nice but these by far were the best. She doesnt even take them off now and she can eat again. She is somewhat returned to normal.”


“Sea-Band has given me my energy and joy back!! My first pregnancy first trimester was awful nothing helped with morning sickness, not even medication. With SeaBand, I had COMPLETE relief in 2 days and don’t have to worry about how it affects my children (nursing and in utero). Thank you so so much for giving me joy in this beautiful journey!!~♡”


“Actually worked! Iv had pregnancy sickness all day every day for 4 weeks. Could hardly eat anything or drink fluids. I’v had these bands on today for 5 hours and don’t even feel nauseous and Iv ate breakfast and dinner with no trips to the toilet to bring back up. 100% worked for me so far. Even if they just work for a few hours a day then I will take the break from feeling and being sick! Amazing product!”


“Brilliant. These have literally saved my sister in law with her HG they’ve changed her whole pregnancy she is able to eat and keep food down and when they’re on she doesn’t throw up. These were suggested by a friend and after being hospitalised for the third time she asked me to get them and the effects were pretty much instant after about 20 minutes she takes them off to sleep and if she doesn’t put them on quick enough in the morning she’ll go right back to throwing up every couple of minutes. I also brought a pair for me for travel sickness and I managed to make a four hour car journey without feeling sick or being sick.”


“These sea bands are awesome 🙂 I have been so sick with morning (all day) sickness and looking for any natural safe way to feel just a Lil better . these are great they use the pressure points on your wrists . I was a Lil skeptical at first but they really do work !!!!”

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