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Kids Nausea Testimonials



‘They are my daughter’s “special bracelets”’ – and other true Sea-Band tales.

Sea-Band for Children.

Hear that rippling sound of disbelief? On the forums of Facebook and Amazon, numbers of parents are logging in to tell us that our Sea-Bands ‘actually work!!’ for their traveling little ones.

We know that, for some families, it’s hard to imagine how a piece of fabric with a small stud of plastic could possibly banish the curse of their kids’ awful motion sickness. But trust us: it really can. Sea-Bands are a drug-free remedy for nausea, using the power of acupressure to stimulate a point called the P6, which links from the wrist to the stomach and chest.

It can work just as well for adults – but today we’re sharing the feedback we’ve had from all sorts of happy parents around the world.

Moms and dads like Bekker from the UK, who shared the story of her daughter. ‘I’ve searched hi and low to find something for my daughter’s motion sickness,’ she wrote. ‘We couldn’t keep giving her Phenergan for short drives, and it seemed not to work anymore…’

Desperate, as a last resort, Bekker tried Sea-Band for Children. The results blew her away. They stopped the meds for her daughter, nicknamed them her ‘special bracelets’, and even recommended Sea-Band for a shiny gold award: ‘we can now drive anywhere when she wears them,’ she said. ‘Whoever invented these should get a medal ’

(Aww, shucks.)

(*collective blush*)

Meanwhile, reviewer D.E. was having problems with their two-year-old, who ‘could not travel in the car for more than 20 mins after breakfast without being sick.’ Like Bekker, D.E. tried Sea-Band, ‘and so far he hasn’t been sick even once while wearing them!’

We know it’s not the done thing to big yourself up – but the fact is the praise keeps coming: cures for 8-year-olds who made themselves ill on computer games; toddlers who used to struggle on planes; glove compartments filling with spares from approving sets of grandparents.

But how about you and your little ones? Would you like to swap out the buckets and sick bags for Sea-Bands?

Read on for our latest selection of testimonials, and find out how you could improve your next family adventure.

Nausea Relief Success Stories

“I’ve searched hi & low to find something for my daughters motion sickness. We couldn’t keep giving her Phenergan for short drives anymore, and it seemed to not work anymore. I was very reluctant to get these seaband, but was willing to give it a go. And I couldn’t be happier that I did. We did give her medicine even when she wore these at the beginning, and after a while we stopped the medicine & the seabands work a treat, she loves wearing them cos she knows that they are her “special bracelets” and we can now drive anywhere when she wears them. I would recommend these to anyone who’s child suffers with motion sickness. Whoever invented these should get a medal 😉 hehe”


“They actually work!! My two year old son could not travel in the car for more than 20 mins after breakfast without always being sick. It was such a nightmare as I would always have to pull over and clean him up as I wasn’t keen about giving him travel sickness pills.
I thought I would give these a go and so far he hasn’t been sick even once while wearing them!! In fact quite the opposite and is now engaging and chatty when in the car!! Its been a few months so I am really pleased and would strongly recommend!”
D E Greenhalgh


“My son isn’t travel sick as such, but started getting bad headaches and dizziness when reading or playing on a tablet while travelling. I was desperate to get him off his computer but you know what 8 year olds are like with technology. Tried a pair of sea-band kids for our last long car journey and he was able to both read AND play computer games with no problems at all! Happy child = happy parent!!”


“Has helped stop the vomiting! – Bought in hope that toddler wouldn’t continue a run of travel sickness when in the car and on a plane. Has worked an absolute treat so far…not one episode in all the trips we’ve taken since purchasing.”


“Car sickness no more! – So, our year 5 old little girl has always suffered from car sickness. We have a holiday home 3 1/2 hours from us and we love it, but dread the journey! We tried the bands and to be honest were dubious on the effect…but up and down to our retreat…no sickness!!!! Our new saviour! Totally recommend!”
L. Gilmour


“Wouldn’t ever be without now! – Amazing! 2 of my grandchildren 9 & 2yrs have travel sickness, one of them needs an endless supply of bags – if you catch my drift…when we go on flight later this year we’ll have an endless supply of wristbands too?just in case.”


“My four year old son gets very car sick, didn’t really think that these would work but thought they’d be worth a try. They are amazing, used them for the past 4 months and so far he hasn’t been sick with them on once! We now have a pair in both cars, really worth it!”
Lissa W


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