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The Alphabet Game_Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief

The Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game - Conquer Those Tricky Words Right Now!

We can all come up with A for Apple, Abraham Lincoln, Alabama and Aston Martin. Probably, like at least another 1,000 other things too. That’s not the issue. Nor is B, or C, or D, or any of their nearest neighbours. The issue is getting most of the way through the Alphabet Game, then being swallowed up by endless voids of space-time at Q, X, and Z; wandering the thankless lands of Quicksteps, Xylophones, and Zips. Avoid, avoid, avoid everything you have! And by keeping these answers in your brain box you will succeed! The Alphabet Game_Fight Motion Sickness By NAusea Relief That’s right, guys.

Your Alphabet Game cheat sheet has arrived.

You can thank us later.

For Conquering Q

Think Queen Latifah (fabulous singer-actor), Quincy Jones (music producer) and Quentin Tarantino (bloodthirsty director). Quebec (Canadian province) and Qatar (Arabic country). Think Queenstown (New Zealand town; near where bungee jumping was born). And how about quail (bird), quetzal (ditto), quokka and quoll (both marsupials).Then, when you’re done, think Q-tips.

For Pesky X

Try and remember Xavi Hernández Creus (retired Spanish footballer), Xzibit (rapper-actor) and Xi Jinping (General Secretary of China’s Communist Party). Think Xalapa (a town in Mexico) and Xai-Xai (in Mozambique). How about X-Ray Tetra and Xingu River Ray (crazy fish). And, for the cherry on top, think Xerox.

For Zapping Z

How about Zac Efron (singer-actor), Zooey Deschanel (ditto) and Zedd (Russian-German DJ). And how about Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Zanzibar (all fresh out of Africa). Think Zebu (a humped cow) – it’s better than Zebra. And at last, you’ve reached the Zenith. And play knowing that you've fully swotted up. It's finally your chance to win! Good Luck. So, If you need more don't forget to check out these weird English words And if you need a different car game altogether, we are here for you! - Name that Smell!
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