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Walk Like A Norweigian_Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief

Walk Like A Norwegian

Hit Your Stride Try-Athlon: Walk like a Norwegian.

Walk like a Norwegian and you’ll earn instant ‘respekt’. After all, everybody knows that Scandinavia is the coolest place around. This is the region that brought us the sauna. Roald Dahl. The Moomins. And The Killing. It’s the home of fjords, killer whales and Northern Lights. It’s hygge and lagom. (Whatever those mean.) And, to top it all off, it’s Nordic Walking too. To shout about how psyched we are at the Scandis, and assimilate their glowing-cheeked, air-bracing lifestyles into our own, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you walk like a Norwegian. Follow in these footsteps, and life-long contentment is surely guaranteed. Walk Like A Norwegian_Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief

1. Knit yourself a dazzling Nordic outfit

You’ll never pass for Scandi without looking the part, we assure you. For the best results, take fashion tips from the experts. Like this guy, from Bergen, who compulsively knits every day. If your hat and gloves aren’t patterned, at the very least, there’s basically no point in you leaving the house

2. Pack a tin of rakfisk in the backpack

Aaah, rakfisk. Who can resist the alluring scent of trout that has been fermented for months on end? Think of the protein. And the solitude you’ll create for yourself as soon as you open the tin.

3. Borrow your grandad’s walking poles (or find two lightweight branches and see if that works)

Actual Nordic walking has a lot to do with Pole Power. Use those tools correctly and you’ll find yourself propelled to adventure while staying light on your feet

4. Find your Freedom to Roam

In Norway, you can walk or camp just about anywhere, as long as the land is un-fenced. Alas, the Right to Roam is harder to come by in other countries. Why not start at the park and see where you end up?

5. Get into the swing of things

Nordic walkers don’t just use their legs. They walk with their whole bodies. How else did you think they got so chiseled and handsome? Start by swinging those arms from your shoulders, keep ’em straight as if you’re marching, and feel that six-pack start to fire up. Like the sound of Nordic Walking? Why not take it on as part of our Hit Your Stride Try-Athlon challenge? Read on for more details: Walk Like A Norwegian_Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief For more travel fun, join our community to fight Morning Sickness and Nausea and read more
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