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Uses For An Air Sickness BagFeatured_Fight Motion sickness By Nausea Relief

Uses For An Air Sickness Bag

Top Alternative Uses For An Air Sickness Bag

Picture this, if you will (the chances are the scene might be familiar): you’re sitting on a super long and super tedious flight. You packed the book you thought you ought to read, not the one you actually wanted to, and now you can’t even drag yourself past the first paragraph. The movie selection is awful, apart from the movies you’ve already seen multiple times. You’ve read through the airplane magazine in your seat pocket from cover to cover, including the duty-free section, where you did your imaginary shopping, spending an imaginary hundred dollars. You’ve even read through the Safety Card. Three. Whole. Times. Meanwhile, the person to your right keeps trying to fall asleep somewhere near the hollow of your armpit. The situation is critical. Every now and then, in the midst of your tedium, you’ve been catching glimpses of the air sickness bag in front of you. Now, without anything else to keep your attention, the critter stares right back at you. You’ve been feeling fine on this plane so far – pretty great, even – but still you can’t keep staring at that bag. That air sickness bag. Why does it have to be so, well, ‘sicky’, you wonder. Is it trying to ruin your mood and bring you down even further? If you can’t ignore it any longer, don’t let that little bag get to you. Find another use for your papery friend. Find many uses. It’s time to take back control… and maybe have yourself a little fun. It’s about time. Alternative Uses for an Air Sickness Bag Uses For An Air Sickness Bag_Fight Motion sickness By Nausea Relief Made a sick bag work for you in a different way? Share your ideas and experiences with us in the comments section below. Meanwhile, if you liked that post (and still have time on your super long flight to burn), why not click this-a-way to discover what that sick bag’s really thinking…? And check out the totally bonkers Museum of Air Sickness Bags here!
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