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Soundtracks For Your Work_ Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief

Soundtracks For Your Work

10 Soundtracks For Your Work Life When: Hitting The Road On Friday Night Just After Your Boss Said Goodbye, Then Added, ‘There’s Something I Need To Discuss With You – But Let’s Do It Monday.’

‘Oh, OK. Er, yeah, I can make time on Monday morning. Anything we can chat about now? You know, just so I have an idea of what the discussion will be about before the weekend starts and I’m totally alone with my anxiety, overthinking what I might possibly have done to warrant a meeting with my number one superior next week? ‘I see. You have to be back home for your four-year-old’s flute rehearsal. Fair enough. That sounds way more important than laying my anxieties to rest. Absolutely. ‘Me? I mean, I was looking forward to a relaxing couple of days, maybe some lie-ins, a long brunch with friends, enjoying a walk through the park to buy a couple of new plants. 

Now I guess I’ll be breathing a little too quickly, having maybe a few heart palpitations, reading the same line of my book again and again because nothing’s sinking in and all I can do is keep going over the awful scenarios coming my way. ‘Well, excuse me. I better be going. I just remembered I have an appointment with my car’s sound system. I’m self-medicating. Gonna bang my head on the steering wheel a few times, then listen to some therapeutic tunes at high volume. You enjoy that flute rehearsal. Oh, that’s very kind, but I’m not sure recordings of your child’s music lessons are what I’m after right now. Another time, maybe? See you. Yeah, Monday it is.’

1. ‘Don’t talk to me about work’

Don’t Talk to Me About Work – Lou Reed

2. ‘There’s a better life’

9 to 5 – Dolly Parton

3. ‘Check the mirror, we’re looking fly / Round up the posse, jump in my ride’

Just Got Paid – Johnny Kemp

4. ‘I’m free again / I got my motor running’

It’s Finally Friday – George Jones

5. ‘I go to the dances and hit all the bars / On weekends my wages just go far’

Weekend Warriors – Ted Nugent

6. ‘It’s gotta be all or nothing / Oh, we’re gonna be the champions’

We’re Gonna Win – Bryan Adams

7. ‘You’re simply the best, better than all the rest / Better than anyone’

Simply the Best – Tina Turner

8. ‘I belong to the future, the world belongs to me’

I am the Future – Alice Cooper

9. ‘Open your eyes and look at the day /You’ll see things in a different way.’

Don’t Stop – Fleetwood Mac

10. ‘Don’t worry about a thing’

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright – Bob Marley It's alright, we have you covered. Music is our sanctuary. Read more posts: here. Why not check out the new BBC Sounds App - they definitely have you covered: BBC Sounds.
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