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Steph Banding It Up_Fight Motion Sickness By Nausea Relief

Steph "Banding It Up"

Steph "Banding It Up" - The Caymans and Florida

Our travel blogger conquers her anxiety – to a crazily catchy soundtrack. Our adventurer-in-residence, the intrepid travel blogger Stephanie Zito, is tackling the world wearing what she proudly calls her ‘Adventure Bands.’ (Other folks call them Sea-Bands – but each to their own!) Rumor has it that Steph loves being in motion on land and sea as much as we do – but that, like many of us, her priority is to keep nausea at bay. Her mission now is to put her trusty Sea-Bands to the test in the 68 countries she has yet to conquer before she can tick the box that says ‘global domination’. In today’s post we have an awesome teaser reel of Steph ‘Banding It Up’ with her Sea-Bands in the Cayman Islands, as well as in her action-packed home state of Florida.


We sponsored Stephanie to spend a day with her adrenaline-junkie nephew at Busch Gardens, Florida, for several non-stop hours of riding roller coasters. Why? Because she confessed to us that the idea made her feel ‘terrified.’ Turns out that the intrepid Stephanie Zito hates roller coasters. Or, at least, she used to. Fortunately, as she reported to us at the end of the challenge, her ‘Adventure Bands’ made her feel much less anxious – and she didn’t feel motion sick once. Result! But don’t take our word for it. Click below to play the showreel.
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