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Adventure travelers read this first fight motion sickness

Adventure Travelers? Read This First

Adventure Travelers? Read This First

Greetings, adventure travelers!

You have now reached the El Dorado of adventure-themed, anxiety-sensitive, anti-motion-sickness content. There’s a lot of loveliness up in here, so we’ve put together a shortcut guide to help you work out where to start.


If you’re about to lose battery and you only have a couple minutes to spare, jet over to finding your P6 acupressure point, and follow it up with natural remedies to kick the sick. Both could revolutionize how you travel.


If you have 10-15 minutes and want to gather some motivation, head over to our inspiring travel quotes post. It’s a beautiful beast. Alternatively, if you want practical info, try top packing trips from the pros, before getting your mind in the zone for a Try-Athlon challenge: start with signs that you need to hit refresh, then zoom over to climbing walls, picking the perfect climbing tree, and walking like a Norwegian.

In our Stephanie Zito section, you can read all about our awesome travel ambassador and watch her attempt some travel challenges of her own.


If you’re getting settled into the idea of traveling, set aside 30 minutes to assess your options with our sea-sickness tips, balancing them up against the land-based treats of road trip must-haves (after which you can choose between routes including New England, Blue Ridge Parkway, US National Parks and the Pacific Northwest).

Losing yourself online? You’re welcome here. Step up the silly with mundane thoughts to fit in your next adrenaline-fueled adventure, as well as top alternative uses for an air sickness bag, an actual bird’s eye view of hill sports and the souvenirs you’re praying not to receive.

There’s plenty more down that rabbit hole, folks, so roll up and keep clicking.

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